A Poem for Peace!

 Wishes, Dreams, and Hopes…

Deeds to be Done!

Doing what is honorable and right

should be expected…

Doing it with care and very well

should be respected…

Doing good

should be noted…

praised, and honored!

Hats off, greetings, salutes,

cheers, and honors to all

who do the best they can

for every child, woman, and man…

for whoever is in need…

to alleviate suffering and pain…

That would be doing

both right and good

very well indeed!


Have a good day!

Be in the embrace

and under the protection

of what is considered

to be sacred and divine!

May you be guided,

supported and strengthened

by your faith.

May your body,

your soul, and your spirit

be shielded, sheltered,

to live your life

totally at peace…

Let times of turmoil,

moments of calamity,

all the clashes caused

by hatred, bigotry, and bitterness,

tricks and treachery,

finally cease!

Let humanity become

truly humane!

May you be able to do

to and for others

only what will bring

joy, happiness, pleasure…

only what will

universally please!


Gerhard A. Fürst

Kalamazoo, MI, USA


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